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About Us

Poomalai Housing has built its commendable reputation in its steadfast adherence, transparency, consistent on-time delivery, detailed documentation and clear title deeds, which are its core values. Poomalai homes guarantee intelligent investment, with its high quality construction and warm ambience. Every Poomalai home is customised to suit your needs. Yes! We offer you a choice of selective interior designs! Why live the dream of another, when you can live your own? We are here to help you live your dream!

Since the conception in 1999, constructing homes of the highest quality has been the soul aim of Poomalai Housing. We have come a long way with our successful completion of 52 projects in and around Chennai with a built-up area of 4,80,000 sq.ft. With a dynamic team comprising of well experienced architects, structural and civil engineers, Poomalai Housing has committed itself to deliver homes which match the highest expectation of our customer! Consistent quality maintenance, on-time completion and delivery have helped us build a solid reputation in the market. Trust Poomalai for a home which provides a higher standard of living, at an affordable cost!

Our customers - the catalyst behind Our Success!

We aim to provide complete satisfaction to all our customers. We maintain consistent quality, constantly upgrading & improving our service, keeping abreast of any current technological advancement. It is ultimately you, our customer, the reason behind our success.

Every Poomalai home offers an unique Living Experience!

Each Poomalai home offers an ambience and experience totally different from the other. Our customers play a vital part in the design of the interiors of a Poomalai home, which makes it unique.

We valueYour Dreams!

Dream on! For, it is your dreams that fuel your aspirations! We facilitate the realisation of your dreams!

Our business thrives on identifying, Relating and Retaining Our Customers!

We consistently work on sensing the requirement of our customers, to deliver a satisfactory product. With every successful completion of a project, we accrue a strong base of satisfied customers. Our every move thenceforth would be to ensure this quality.

Your appreciation is Our Inspiration!

Our commitment in all our endeavours helps us scale heights. But, that little extra mile we go is undoubtedly made possible by our customers' appreciation and encouragement.